This section lists essential glossary for GIRLS FRONTLINE


Chinese English

Gameplay TermsEdit


指挥官 Commander
资源 Resources
作战 Combat
修复 Mission
编成 Formation
研究 Research
修复 Restore
工厂 Factory
活动 Event
战术人形 Tactical-Doll
契约 Contract
装备 Equipment


Hp staticon
生命 Health (Life)
Dmg staticon
伤害 Damage
Acc staticon
命中 Accuracy
Rof staticon
射速 Rate of Fire (Firing Speed)
Eva staticon
回避 Evasion
Mov staticon
移速 Movement Speed
作战效能 Combat Effectiveness
火力 Firepower

Resources & ItemsEdit

Manpower icon
人力 Manpower
Ammo icon
弹药 Ammunition
Ration icon
口粮 Ration
Parts icon
零件 Spare-Parts
Gem icon
钻石 Diamond・Gem
Dummycore icon
替代核心 Replacement Core
Tdollmanufcontract icon
人形制造契约 T-Doll Manufacture Contract
Equipmentcontract icon
装备制造契约 Equipment Manufacture Contract
Fastmanufcontract icon
快速制造契约 Fast Manufacturing Contract
Fastrepaircontract icon
快速修复契约 Fast Repair Contract
Fasttraincontract icon
快速训练契约 Fast Training Contract

Community TermsEdit


德皇 Kaiser ・ German Emperor

Refers to Kar98k.

非洲大炮 Africannon

Refers to South African-designed NTW-20's SS damage ranking and skills.

非洲战神 African Warlord / Wargod

T-Dolls that have low rarity but high stats. (E.G. M14, Beretta 38 etc.)

(TL Note. African/Africa is used in Chinese online community slang akin to the English 'poorfag'.)

狗粮 Dog Food

Easy to get T-Dolls mainly used for power-ups.

花瓶 Flower Vase

T-Dolls with high Rarity but low combat stats.