This page lists general guidelines and policies. This article is recommended but not a must-read before editing.

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Welcome to the GIRLS'FRONTLINE community-made Wikia,

Please feel free to add anything that you think is missing, improve anything that you think isn't good (or good enough)!

The Wikia is still in need of content, updates, improvements and such so every edit counts, every contribution helps us grow!


  1. Use common sense
  2. Don't vandalize
  3. Don't spam
  4. Roleplaying in comment section is discouraged


  1. 'Fun' edits - Allowed in reasonable amounts.
  2. Immature edits - E.G. 'Negev hates you you will never get her because you salt xD'
  3. Fan-lore - Only include official information
  • Please note that only spam and vandalism will be met with administrative action.

Be aware that any edits made might be subject to tidying up to fit page writing styles and/or correction of grammar and other potential issues.

  • Extra note: When moving/renaming pages please untick the "Redirect" option, as redirect pages clogging up the Wikia is not desired.

Coding / TemplatesEdit

If setting up a template page or coding related page on your own, please type the page name of the template in ALLCAPS for visibility against the default Wikia templates. And please ensure it is a stand-alone page, policy is to not modify the default Wikia templates.

  • This Wikia currently uses .CSS/HTML/Javascript

Detailed guidelinesEdit

These are not forcefully enforced. Thus they are fully optional, only recommended.

Standardized FontEdit

All edited in-image text font should best use RobotoNoto

Term usageEdit

Try to use official terms, even if grammar/vocabulary-wise awkward or incorrect.



Logistic Support (Used in the game menu)

instead of

Logistics Support (Although correct grammar wise)

Uploading imagesEdit

When uploading images try to add a prefix that denotes what it is and/or rename the image to better clarify what it is.

Current standardized prefixes are (Example filenames shown)

  • T-Doll CG:
  • Visual design elements:
  • Event related elements:
  • Update related elements:
    xxx_(date of update)_update.png
  • Skill icons: