Restoration repairs all damage a T-Doll has sustained with a Manpower and Parts cost

Restore screen

  1. To repair, tap on an empty slot and select damaged T-Doll(s), it will then show the below prompt
  2. Repairs will be done when the timer hits 00:00:00

Repair prompt
  • A heavily damaged T-Doll's repair cost is significantly higher than normal
  • A higher level T-Doll takes longer to repair
  • Ongoing restoration cannot be cancelled; T-Dolls in repair cannot change equipment or do any other actions (Includes being used for power-ups, dummy linking and retirement)

Restore top

This can be found at the top-right of the restore screen

Fast Repair contracts can be used to instantly complete a repair

  • Fast Repair contracts do not mitigate the resource cost for restoration
  • Fast Repair contracts can be obtained through missions, tasks/quests, logistic support, and daily login/specials

Misc. InfoEdit

Norepair notif

No characters need repairing!

  • Four repair slots are allotted to each player by default
  • Extra restoration slots can only be bought at the Shop via Diamonds
  • A notification will show up if tapping on a restoration slot with no T-Dolls in need of repair