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Wa2000 norm

Wa2000 dmg

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Health (B)

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Damage (A)

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Evasion (C)

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Accuracy (S)

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Movement Speed

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Rate of Fire

Operational Effectiveness

169 → 4045

Supply Consumption NO.48
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Rarity : ★★★★★ Type : RF
CV : Haruka Tomatsu Character Artist : 多元

Affects HG
Reduce Skill CD by 18%

[[File:{{{skillicon}}}|50px|border|center]]   {{{zhskillname}}}・Assault Focus
Lv.1  ?% Activation Chance


[[File:{{{skillicon}}}|50px|border|center]]   {{{zhskillname}}}・Assault Focus
Lv.2  ?% Activation Chance


[[File:{{{skillicon}}}|50px|border|center]]   {{{zhskillname}}}・Assault Focus
Lv.3  ?% Activation Chance


[[File:{{{skillicon}}}|50px|border|center]]   {{{zhskillname}}}・Assault Focus
Lv.4  ?% Activation Chance


[[File:{{{skillicon}}}|50px|border|center]]   {{{zhskillname}}}・Assault Focus
Lv.5  ?% Activation Chance


[[File:{{{skillicon}}}|50px|border|center]]   {{{zhskillname}}}・Assault Focus
Lv.6  ?% Activation Chance


[[File:{{{skillicon}}}|50px|border|center]]   {{{zhskillname}}}・Assault Focus
Lv.7  ?% Activation Chance


[[File:{{{skillicon}}}|50px|border|center]]   {{{zhskillname}}}・Assault Focus
Lv.8  ?% Activation Chance


[[File:{{{skillicon}}}|50px|border|center]]   {{{zhskillname}}}・Assault Focus
Lv.9  ?% Activation Chance


[[File:{{{skillicon}}}|50px|border|center]]   {{{zhskillname}}}・Assault Focus
Lv.10 Initial CD 5 seconds / Skill CD 8 seconds% Activation Chance

Increase self rate of fire by 75% for 5 seconds


Manufacturing Timer Drop Reward Other
04:50:00 NORMAL :


Model & Historical InformationEdit

The WA 2000 is a semi-automatic bullpup sniper rifle designed and produced from the late 70s to 1988 in response to the 1972 Summer Olympics Munich massacre.

Designed from the ground up as a sniper rifle and not an adaption of an existing rifle base, the WA 2000 has exceptional accuracy and precision, and the bullpup design allowed a standard length barrel to be used while making overall length shorter than most conventional rifles. The rifle is also designed to be used with optical sights only, and thus came with no iron sights.

Only 176 WA 2000 rifles were ever produced, due to the high cost. It was also not adopted for military or police use on a large scale due to it not being robust enough.

Full Designation: Walther WA 2000

Aliases: N/A

Country of Origin: West Germany

Manufacturer: Carl Walther GmbH Sportwaffen

Design Date: 1970-1980s

Notable Service: N/A

Classification: Semi-automatic bullpup sniper rifle

Cartridge: .300 Winchester Magnum・7.62x51mm NATO・7.5x55mm Swiss

Action: Semi-automatic

Feed System: Box magazine

Rate Of Fire: N/A

Effective Range: 700m

Character InformationEdit

Character Introduction:My name is WA2000. Commander, stand aside and don't get in my way.

Character Information:

Character Design Information:

Voice LinesEdit

Event Chinese Japanese English Note


My name is WA2000. Commander, stand aside and don't get in my way.
Greeting Play Hey, where did you go!? Do you really dislike seeing my face that much!?
Secretary 1 真是笨呢,要是真的讨厌你,就不会和你说话了。 Play How stupid, if I really hated you, then I wouldn't be talking to you.

(JP) How stupid, if I really hated you, then I wouldn't be listening to you.

Secretary 2 听好了!别随便叫我的名字,也别用手随便碰我的枪! Play Listen up! Don't randomly call my name, and don't randomly touch my gun!

(JP) Listen up! Don't call my name so casually! And stop touching my gun with such filthy hands!

Secretary 3 诶?脸红?还不是今天有点热!别会错意了啊! Play Eh? Blushing? It's because today's a bit hot! Don't get the wrong idea!

(JP) Eh? My face is red? It's's a bit hot! Don't get the wrong idea!

OATH Play I was only born to kill. I've never thought about anything else. Commander, you'd stay by my side even then? Um, I wonder if I can grow to be more honest with myself.
Echelon Assignment Play I'd sortie even if you didn't need to tell me to. You should be thankful.
Power Up Play I, of all people, am giving you my gratitude. So you better accept it from the bottom of your heart.
Dummy Link Play Squad reinforcement? Well, I guess one more wouldn't hurt.
Restore Play Tch, I'd get looked down on even if I was honest.
Manufacture Complete Play Hmm? There's a face I don't recognize. Must be a newcomer.
Logistic Support Deployment Play Hmph, fine then, I'll do it.
Logistic Support Return Play We came back safe. Wasn't it natural?
Autobattle Deployment Play I shall slaughter all the enemies here!
Operation Start Play Hmm? A sortie? Well, that's fine.
Combat Start Play I think I was reminded of an irritating face...
Skill Activation 1 Play Get out of the way!
Skill Activation 2 Play You'll be the ones next to die!
Skill Activation 3 Play I was only born to kill!
MVP Play See? You'd better be thankful.
Damaged Play Idiot, I don't want you to be worried over me.
Downed Play Um... I'm sorry...
Title Call Play Girls' Frontline
(Unused) Offensive Combat Play Die! Die! Die already!
(Unused) Defensive Combat Play Geez, we just have to defend right?
(Unused) Loading Play


Event Chinese Japanese English Note
New Years Play I'll at least give you my New Year's greetings. H-Happy New Years! ...What? Do you have something against that?
Valentines Play Here, this is just some leftover chocolate. I won't let you off if you say you don't need it!
Tanabata Play
Halloween Play Hyiii!! It-it's not like I'm scared! Hyaaahh!! Don't even bring jack o' lanterns near me!
Christmas Play Aren't you looking bored. I'll accompany you since you look pitiful all alone.


Further InformationEdit

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